20 years and I still like this character…

Youko Kurama2012 marked the 20th year anniversary of Yuyu Hakusho (English translation: Ghost Fighter). When it first aired in local TV, dubbed in our local language, I immediately knew I was going to be hooked by it, after all I was (and still am) an anime fan.

But instead of the main protagonist, Yusuke, I liked the redheaded character who turned out to be a bad ass in his previous life as the infamous demon fox, Youko Kurama. From then on, Kurama became one of my favorite anime characters. There was a time during my high school days that he had become the only model of my creativity. Well, not exactly Kurama. It’s actually Shuichi, his human form.

Now, 20 years had passed, I still like the character and thankfully I could still draw Shuichi properly. It took me a month to finish this fanart and I am so glad that I was able to learn that I still know how to draw his beautiful face. He never aged a single day in my drawing. Fun, don’t you think? 🙂


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