Anime Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Here’s a review of one of the finest anime movies I’ve seen since I became an anime fan – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

I saw this movie a couple of years ago and I have already watched it thrice since then. It was recommended by a friend in the office, an otaku, and he kind of suggested that it would make my heart cringe a bit. My overactive imagination thought that the story has a heavy dramatic storyline. On the contrary, the movie was light that turned kind of dramatic toward the end but not really leaning on the heavy dramatic side.

Time waits for no one.

But what if you can have it wait for you till you feel it’s the right time to move forward?

That is the premise of this anime movie. At first it was just about teenage life – going to school, playing baseball, cramming for college entrance exams, summer vacations, friendships and first loves. Then it became a bit extraordinary when the main protagonist, Konno Makoto, accidentally acquired the ability to leap through time and relive over and over and over again certain moments in her life till she felt it was enough or “the okay moment”.

You’d think that when one gets the ability to travel through time, one would use it for world peace or something dramatic or relevant. But no! Being an immature teenager, Makoto used her new found ability to spend ten hours of singing and hanging out with friends in a karaoke bar, elude embarrassment in a cooking class and most of all, to avoid being asked to go steady by her best friend, Chiaki.

Makoto already relived a lot of fine, and most of the time ordinary moments in her life when she found the unique tattoo that appeared under her arm. She knew it has something to do with her ability to leap through time. After trying to set up her friend Kousuke with a girl, she learned that she only had one more time to travel back. She didn’t know that she’d be needing it for something important so she used it to evade Chiaki’s questions. Later on that same fateful day, Kousuke was to die in a fatal accident and her only way to save her friend was used so childishly, evading some question she could’ve answered so honestly and simple. She was heartbroken, cried and tried so helplessly to stop time. Then there stood Chiaki with her, just the two of them animated in the midst of a time frozen city.

What a revelation! Chiaki was from the future. He was the owner of the nut-looking device that charges a body and makes it travel through time. He lost it somewhere in the school’s laboratory, to which Makoto accidentally used when she tripped over it.

Chiaki explained about the future he came from, why he travelled back to Makoto’s time. Along with his search for a unique painting, he found that he liked baseball, made friends and found something special with Makoto.

It was first love. It was heart-warming and a bit painful at the same time. I swear I almost cried. But my teardrops froze when I saw how Makoto bawled when Chiaki bade goodbye. She was indeed still a kid. I couldn’t help but laugh.

The movie was a fun way to teach life lessons about facing fears and stop avoiding oneself from making mistakes. It was also a refreshing way to relive high school and first love. There were spiels in the movie that would make you think: hey, I did that in high school. Or, I was that in high school. I know I did that. 🙂

My friend said that this movie received a lot of awards so I highly recommend it. Plus, it’ll help you unwind from a stressful project you might be working on. I know it did help me. So go and get a copy, if you haven’t seen it. Then tell me what you think about it.


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