Emily Owens, M.D.

I was never a fan of medical dramas. Though I found George Clooney sexy especially when he was younger, I never once watched an ER episode. When House was launched, I suddenly found myself engrossed and eager to watch new episodes every week.

So I thought most medical dramas were good. I thought I didn’t like ER coz I was just too young to understand it before. After House, I tried watching Grace Anatomy thinking that I’d like it as well. Sadly, I was wrong. I learned that I liked House only because of its comedy, no matter how dark it became at some point, and its CSI-like concept – investigating and dissecting all possible things and circumstances surrounding the patient to give the correct diagnosis and therefore the cure. Most of the time it’s a hit and miss but Gregory House’s mind worked in a different level than most…

Well, House ended last year. ‘Sad that its ending wasn’t as fabulous as its beginning. But I was generally sad because I had no more medical drama to watch. Until…

Emily Owens, M.D. If I remember it correctly, the reason why I gave this drama a try was the preview of its first episode. It was so funny that I just had to give it a shot.


The series began as Emily, the heroine played by Mamie Grummer, was telling the viewers of her geek past and how embarrassing it was when her whole high school called her ‘Pits’ and explained the reason why. But even so, she believed that her geekiness was just a phase and that soon she’d blossom into a confident, kickass woman that she was meant to be. With that voice-over, the camera was showing a lone girl, who looked a bit nerdy, awkwardly eating a sandwich all by herself. You’d think it was young Emily but then the girl shouted: What are you looking at, LOSER?

The camera shifted and voila, we meet our heroine – a blonde, sort of a geeky-looking lady who was standing outside the school fence, looking dreamy with a weird smile on her face. Apparently, Emily was just talking to herself (she kind of likes to have quiet monologues) and hasn’t actually blossomed yet to that awesome, kickass person she hoped to be.

Before she got into trouble with the girl’s teacher, she turned around and went on her way. It was her first day of internship in Denver Memorial, a hospital she chose because of a certain world-famous surgeon who happens to be a bitch-boss-cum-professor-from-hell – Dr. Gina Bandari. Then she learned and was too happy to know that she was to work with Will Collins, her college buddy, who she was secretly pining for. But there’s no place like paradise coz a moment later she learned that Cassandra Kopelson, her arch-nemesis from high school was there too. So, it was like high school all over again for Emily.

This drama was so unlike House, even the humour. House was sardonic and the medical stories were much, much more complicated. However, Emily Owens has comedy in it and what made me like it even more was the quirky heroine. I like nerdy, quirky characters who happen to be undercover awesome people. She’s witty, funny and neurotic. She was easy to like and her internal monologues are fun to listen to. I could relate to that coz sometimes I think I do talk to myself too.

Plus, the drama relates the hospital dynamics to high school life, which was fun. In episode one, the principal’s kid aka Tyra Dupre, daughter of the chief of medical staff, introduced the doctors of Denver Memorial as high school archetypes. The jocks aka the orthopaedic doctors; the mean girls were the plastic surgeons; the geeks were the neurologists, and so forth.

On the other hand, the stories of the patients, their lives and their illnesses were quite normal. There were medical terms thrown out from time to time but they were easy to understand. Even the lives of the doctors aren’t so complicated unlike most medical dramas. House’s life was way more complicated than Emily’s or anyone in this particular drama. What made the stories shine were not the medical cases but on how the patients were going to deal with their sicknesses and its treatment and the doctors’ reaction to their patients’ decision and/or emotions.

Lastly, the romance in this drama was something I truly like. It’s so like YA but without the angst. Emily secretly pining for a friend was so funny and heart warming. I know a lot of girls in her age can relate to that. Her internal monologues regarding Will were hilarious. And when she finally admitted it to him and was rejected, it was really heart breaking. It was especially hard when he chose to be with her arch nemesis.

How could someone reject a friend and choose someone who is clearly not close to that friend he rejected? How could Emily easily move on with that happening in front of her? Simply put, how could anyone move on so easily when her closest friend, her BEST friend, broke her heart? Well, Emily certainly hasn’t but is trying to.

Well, on the up note, there is one guy I am truly hoping for Emily to be with – Dr. Micah Barnes. You see I usually fall for the guy who likes the girl who likes somebody else. Between Will and Micah, I believe the latter suits Emily better. With Micah, Emily gets to be herself completely, not conscious whether or not she was being pretty or smart or plain nerdy. She could easily tell him anything. We hear less of her internal monologues. Rather we get to hear her voice as she speaks up and tell it straight to Micah.

Furthermore, I like Micah for he was able to notice the kind, smart and confident Emily beneath the emotional, neurotic facade. That is in itself romantic.

Sadly, CW has decided to cancel this drama – three more episodes from today and it’s the end. But while it last, I am hoping that Emily gets the recognition she deserves from Dr. Bandari and gets the romance with the boy she truly deserves. Here’s to hoping that it’s Micah ♥

Emily and..the Outbreak


4 thoughts on “Emily Owens, M.D.

  1. What?! Cancelled already?! Your review had me pumped. From the sound of it, this show seems a little bit like Scrubs. I never got into the medical dramas, but Scrubs is a whole other lovely beast. 🙂 I’ll have to catch the few episodes of Emily Owens that’ll be floating around out there. Thanks!

    • yeah… i’m truly sad about the cancellation. im too attached right now. there ís a fan group trying to resuscitate this but i don’t think cw will ever give it another chance.

      i never saw scrubs. my friend said emily owens is a mild version of scrubs’ comedy.

      hope you like emily owens even if it’ll just be 13 episodes.

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