My plans for 2013…

January 2013 is almost over and I’ve yet to talk about my plans for the year. Well, I don’t have a grand plan. I just have a few things I really want to achieve. One is to finally read Philip Pullman’s trilogy – His Dark Materials.

A couple of years ago its first book was adapted into a movie – The Golden Compass. I didn’t know it was actually a novel. I just really wanted to watch it coz soon as I saw its preview I fell in love with one of its main characters – the polar bear king, Iorek Byrnison. I was full of anticipation for the second movie coz I knew the ending wasn’t really the ending. But years passed and nothing happened. I just learned a few months ago that it’s actually a novel, the first book of three, written by Philip Pullman. So when Christmas came and I was asked what I wanted as a gift, I asked for all three. I wanted a book set but it wasn’t available. Fortunately, one bookstore was selling the three novels separately – The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.


Sadly, as of this moment, I am yet to finish book one. Yeah, work life is once again getting in the way of my pleasures. Sucks! Hahaha! Just kidding. I’m just a bit busy these days. Tons of reports to finish and to submit to the VPs. Well, I’ll find time. I am planning to finish the three novels before the first quarter of 2013 ends. Of course, you’ll see a review from me. I am actually aching to write one now coz I am already halfway done with The Golden Compass. But I’ll stop myself. I’ll have to save my opinion later.

Moving on, here are some of my plans for 2013:

  1. Watch the 2013 KPop Dream Fantasy Concert. Oh, wait! I’ve already done that. Saw it last January 19th. I’ll write a separate blog entry for it. It deserves an own entry title ♥
  2. Use my 2013 Starbuck’s planner. The past three years that I started buying it, well, I just bought it. I never got the chance to use the 2011 and 2012 planners. This year, I am hoping to write good things in it since I also bought the Starbuck’s pen to match.
  3. Finish reading two other novels I bought last year. One is Rapture – book four of the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. The other one is Wings of the Wicked – book two of the Angelfire Series by Courtney Allison Moulton… I am actually halfway done Rapture. But it has become dragging and so slow that I skipped a few pages – okay, a few chapters! Actually… I read the last ten pages and learned about the ultimate secret. I suddenly had a realization. “Wow! This author wrote four books, built up an immensely boring anticipation just to divulge that secret. Geez!!!”
  4. Might take up certification for internal audit and get a new license. CIA! Woot!!! But not yet decided. I still have to check my schedule for the year. With all the expansions, my work as THE  financial analyst, head of the financial-reporting-and-government-compliance-one-man-team is getting hectic. It’s taking up a lot of my time already and studying might not be manageable. I don’t know. Let’s see…
  5. Lastly, draw more. Watch a lot of movies and animes more. Read a lot more books.  Blog more!!!


So, you my friends, what plans did you set for yourselves this year?


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