Goodbye old office

This would be the second to the last Friday I’ll be spending in this office. Oops! Not that I am resigning. Mancom has decided to transfer our HQ to Bonifacio Global City. And gosh oh gosh, I am going to be travelling everyday again! It’s not that I hate travelling. What I do hate is travelling through heavy traffic. It’s tiring. Our new office isn’t far from where I live. It’s just a fifteen-minute drive. However, when it’s rush hour, fifteen minutes become an hour and thirty minutes. And that I do dread.

More to that I am sad to leave our current office because I’ll be leaving behind people from the operations group whom I became friends with. I don’t spend time with them that much but to not see them at all is kind of sad. Distance might take away what little friendship I had with them. And yes, I fear that leaving 1880 Building would steal away what little happiness my heart has – no more Happy Pill for me!

You might be asking who Happy Pill is. Well, he’s my crush. And no! That’s not his real name. I just call him that way coz every time I see him, I am so high with happiness, it’s like I took several uppers. Soon I won’t be seeing him and there’s no one like him in the workplace we will be transferring to.

Okay, this entry is turning to a sad note so I am ending it now. I hope the transfer would not be as difficult as we are all expecting it to be especially in my case. I don’t want to burden my mom by taking me every day to work. Okay, that sounds sadder.

Anyways, here’s one last look at my current workstation before we transfer.



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