Change… Is it for the better?

It’s been awhile since I posted something. Again, work life is hectic. Plus, even if I have a lot of things to share with you, my thoughts are jumbled that I could not sort them out easily and write them here. I needed some time to organize them and make it into a comprehensible story. Now that I have managed my thoughts, let me share with you what has been happening to me inside my little box aka the office.

The management group also known as the shared services group (finance, human capital, business development, etc.) transferred to a new city, in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. This transfer was discussed by the ManCom group (aka the bosses) at the start of the last quarter of 2012. It was a news that we all didn’t like. When I said “all” that means the rank and file staff up to the middle management group. Most of us live in the north area of the metropolis and we used to work in the south. We resigned from our previous jobs and applied to this new company coz it’s nearer our homes. Work for the past three years was fun and very rewarding until the transfer…

This transfer suddenly brought uneasiness. We are suddenly taken away from our comfort zones – Quezon City is my comfort zone, believe me. While work is still fun because of the people we work with, the past few days, it has become tiring. I personally am getting tired of the daily travel and the heavy traffic I struggle to drive through every day for the past three weeks already. I left my previous job because of the distance from my home, the horrible traffic I encountered every day and the sweat-shop-type of labor I was doing for that firm. Now, I am facing the same dilemma with my current job except for the sweat-shop-type of labor issue.

Honestly, I took the transfer lightly. I thought that travelling again daily would be a challenge. I was able to do it before, for six long years. So, why can’t I do it now again? After all, I told my VP that I’d go where she will be since she’s my mentor. My career path’s goal is to reach her level one of these days. So might as well be near her and be mentored properly.

However, a week ago I received the shock of my career life… I was being transferred to a new group – my VP will no longer be my boss and mentor. I didn’t see that coming. It’s not that I am not up to a challenge. I was just flabbergasted at the thought that they decided to transfer me to a new group. They could’ve mentioned that to me prior to the office transfer or even before my new boss arrived, right? Geez! So much for loyalty!!!

Of course, I am not being transferred to a position that is so alien to me. Rather, my VP thought I am most appropriate to put in that position and that department because of my ability. According to her, my skills as a financial analyst will be of better use in that department and would be more honed. She added that I would be directly reporting to the board of directors and the owners and that it’s time for me to show these people what I do for the company and maybe to get a little more credit for my reports.

Sweet words but I feel unrelieved. The fact that I am being given up in the department I so love to work for and the position I have worked hard for is being taken from me… it’s a bit upsetting. A courtesy heads up about the transfer would’ve been nice so that I might have readied myself and welcomed the transfer far better than what I feel right now.

Sigh. Now, I feel like leaving. I don’t know… I am not the kind of person who leaves because of changes but this change isn’t what I was expecting. I’ll just see what will happen in the next couple of months. If things don’t go well according to the plan I suddenly prepared for my career path because of this unforeseen change, then I need to find a new path and a new company to belong to.

the view when i get home

This is the view I see whenever I go home…


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