Bleach and the Ichi-Ruki Fan

I have always been an Ichi-Ruki fan. I even wrote a blog entry back in September of 2010 in my old blog @ LJ, romanticising the Bleach story – trying to connect Rukia to Ichigo in every possible way. I think I wrote it because I was heartbroken when I saw the last panel of the arc “The Last Getsouga Tenshou” – Rukia faded away in front of Ichigo. I thought it would be the very last time I’d see them together.

So when the Fullbringer arc ended and brought them together again, I thought I’d see a story that would bring them a lot closer. However, that didn’t happen. Rukia became a vice captain and though Ichigo became the hero of Soul Society, welcome to visit it anytime, he also gained a new power – a Quincy’s power.

Shinigamis and quincies are at the opposite sides of the spectrum. How will Rukia and Ichigo be together now?

And as of the moment, the back story of Shiba Isshin is being tackled. A shinigami, former captain of Gotei 13 squad 10, mentors of Rangiku and Toshirou… Isshin fell for his savior, a quincy named Kurosaki Masaki. What will this story unravel for Ichigo’s current state? Will he be a shinigami or a quincy? Or will he be the creature that Aizen created?

I am anxious as to what these new developments will do to Ichigo. It seems like he is getting further and further away from Rukia and the ending I am hoping to have. I know that Bleach isn’t really a romance story but there were arcs that seemed to be swaying to that. Plus, Kubo kept on teasing Ichi-Ruki fans about how he likes these two. I don’t know…

With growing frustrations and all, here’s a fanart I just finished fifteen minutes ago. I have been planning to draw a chibi version of this panel for the longest time. Finally, I had the sketch completed. I hope to finish coloring this tonight.



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