Ichi-Ruki Fanart

Took me almost five hours to finish coloring and adding a simple background. I still don’t know how to color according to lighting effect. That I need to study further when I am not feeling lazy anymore. Hihi! But I do love how this artwork turned up.



3 thoughts on “Ichi-Ruki Fanart

  1. I’ve always been a fan of Ichigo and Rukia. They’re my OTP afterall and you’re one of the first persons I’ve seen shipping them. All my other friends just believe it’s “natural” for Ichigo to be with Orihime. But I disagree so much with that. After meeting Ulquiorra, I just immediately thought that Inoue was more compatible with him.
    There were so many points in the anime where I saw the teasing indicators of IchiRuki. And like you said, even though Bleach is not a romance anime, I still felt that element a little in it. Especially because Ichigo -unconsciously- built himself a little harem, because every girl he came into contact with liked him; like Nel for example.
    But before I even go off on a tangent of rambling, I’ll stop here xD I love the fan art!! ^-^
    IchiRuki for the win!!

    • i never liked inoue. for some reasons i see her as a wimp rather than a heroine. hehehe! i apologize to ichi-hime shippers.

      because of what you said, i’d like to share here what i wrote in my old blog. i hope you’d find it interesting and insightful about ichi-ruki.

      • I never did either.(and for the same reason, also because she kept screaming Ichigo’s name too damn much “Kurosaki-kuuun~!” xD
        I came to appreciate her during the Arrancar arc though, just because of her screen time with Ulquiorra..
        I’d love to see it! I’m sure I will :3

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