Sharing my old Bleach thoughts…

Because charlmeister is a fellow Ichi-Ruki fan, I want to share here (and with her) what I wrote about Bleach, Ichigo and Rukia at the end of the Deicide arc (Chapter 420). It was posted in my old blog (viktorialouise@LJ) last September 22, 2010.

I am stunned to learn that there are only a few Ichi-Ruki shippers. I’ve always thought that this pairing is the most famous and the most probable to come true should Kubo end the manga with a romantic twist. As of the moment, that wish of mine is far from ever happening. But I am crossing my fingers…

Anyways, here’s what I wrote before:

Romanticizing Bleach…

Chapter 420 (aka Deicide Arc No. 22) was published last Monday. A lot of Aizen transformations were shown in the previous chapters before this. Chapter 420 ended that monstrous evolution and began telling Ichigo’s own change. But prior to Ichigo’s transformation, Bleach fandom was already speculating about him and his battle with Tensa Zangetsu and Shirosaki (finally I learned the name of Ichigo’s hollow side), after all the battle marks the final transformation for Ichigo. He’ll finally understand his zanpakutou and the hollow inside him – why they seem to be on opposite sides always. Will Ichigo finally learn things about himself? Will he be able to accept the dark part of his persona?

I admit I am just a newbie in the Bleach fandom. I am not as adept as others are. I don’t dissect much the arcs and analyze the characters. Though I am an IchiRuki shipper, I don’t mind if the author/creator made other Ichigo-team-ups. I enjoy the series without getting geeky about it. But then reading die-hard fanatics’ opinions about the team-ups, the arcs and Ichigo’s growth over the years had me analyzing the recent chapters and how similar and yet different they are from the earlier chapters of the series. I nodded and said “yeah, that’s right” in several blog entries. I smirked and arched my left brow in others.

However, I am not going to talk about them here. I am just going to talk about the most recent chapter. My thoughts about it may be different and may gain unpopular attention but this is how I view the sudden darkness in Ichigo’s gaze and stoic attitude. I might also sound to be swaying heavily on the IchiRuki shipping, so please pardon me for what I am about to say.

Prior to Ichigo’s transformation as a subsititute shinigami, he was just an average high schooler with sadness rooted deep in his heart. His mother’s death and his inability to protect her brought that sadness. When he met Rukia, helping her (or protecting her) was natural for him. It was like his biggest break to redeem himself from the sad inability to do same for his mom. It was the first step in lifting the heaviness in his soul. Turning into a shinigami, though he was hesitant at first, became a goal for him. He used it as a means to protect, which I think is Ichigo’s ultimate goal – to be a protector.

Ichigo meeting Rukia, though Aizen said was just part of his great plan, for me was destiny. Imparting her powers to him, lifting that sadness in his soul, leading him to the shinigami ways, helping him realize his goal, awaking in him his capability to protect, were just some of the reasons why Rukia will always be that special for Ichigo. In the SS arc, saving Rukia was Ichigo’s ultimate goal because his friendship with her, actually his invaluable connection with her, is all that matters to him and that’s something he needed to protect. It’s not because he was in love with her, no matter how much I want it to be like that. Truth be told, he was protecting Rukia because he feels that she is a part of him (receiving her shinigami powers). Rukia is a part of the Kurosaki Ichigo that he had become – the shinigami, the protector.

Now, in the most recent chapter, many had noticed the sudden change in Ichigo’s attitude. His stoic gazes to Aizen’s repulsive evolution were the most apparent. Ichigo is known to be a hot tempered young man and he like in many instances before would have sarcastically commented on Aizen’s hideous show of power. Instead, he opted to gaze coldly and seemingly detached to the events in front of him. There was an apparent sadness in his aura. His eyes were filled with immeasurable loneliness.

The answer to that is the battle that happened in Ichigo’s inner world. Apparently learning the final Getsuga Tenshou has the biggest drawback ever – one has to lose his shinigami powers.

That in my opinion is what saddens Ichigo. In order to protect and defeat the ultimate badass, he had to gain Tensa’s trust and power. However, he also had to lose his shinigami ability, which I believe is the only thing that connects him to his goal (of protecting) and of course, to Rukia. (Yeah, I am stretching this storyline to this possibility. What can I say? I am a romantic.)

He had to choose and he chose what’s best for all that is concerned. However, it came with a price and that’s to relinquish his shinigami powers and probably the only link that he has with Rukia, the one who had been the reason why he gained back his confidence and taught him to fight – fight to protect, that is. Without his shinigami powers, how can he ever protect again? After his battle with Aizen, what happens next? That I think beleaguers our hero aside from the fact that he isn’t sure about defeating Aizen completely.

My opinion about the revelation of Ichigo’s final form may have a hint of truth. Or not! We can only conclude later on. However, I choose to believe this for I am a foolish IchiRuki shipper. I am just airing out my thoughts about it, which actually troubled me for a week. I would like to believe that the series started with Ichigo and Rukia for some great reason that later on will also end with them.


3 thoughts on “Sharing my old Bleach thoughts…

  1. YES! A lot of your points are similar to mine. Throughout the entire series (I only started the manga after the Xcution arc ended) I observed them closely – even in the movies. There is just a deeper bond between Ichigo and Rukia than between him and Orihime. I also think it was when she gave him her Shinigami powers that he became connected with her because it became one of his priorities to protect her.
    In every arc, from SS to the Arrancar arc, his priority continued to be Rukia (even though in the Arrancar arc, he focused on rescuing Inoue). Also, I’ll never forget a scene in that arc when Rukia went up against an Espada and when she thought she was going to be killed, the first person that came to her mind was Ichigo.
    Even in the movies (though those are completely different from the actual series) in the third movie, when Rukia forgot about Ichigo, he became completely depressed and it was Kon who had to cheer him up and motivate him to win Rukia back.
    There is just so much chemistry between these two and I’d feel sad if at the end of everything, these two just part ways as friends.
    And apart from IchiRuki, I think Rangiku and Hisagi should date xD Even they got some “romance” time in the filler episodes :p

    • unlike you, i never really found anything special between ourihime and ulquiorra. might be because i am too set on rukia and ichigo and the bleach story. or, maybe i am just not interested in them at all.

      about rukia’s last thought when she lost her battle against an espada, that was the most romantic ever. when i read it back then, all i could think of was: where the hell was ichigo? how could he be saving ourihime when rukia’s in the brink of death? hahaha! hardcore ichi-ruki here.

      rangiku and hisagi? i never thought of that. i always thought that rangiku is too immature. that’s why toshirou became captain instead of her. hahaha!

      • Haha, I understand that. I’ve been so hardcore with some ships that when other possible pairings get screen time, my face is just =_=”.

        But I say Ulquiorra and Orihime because I don’t know if it was just me, but Ulquiorra seemed to get a little possessive with Orihime. Especially at the part where she healed Ichigo after Ulquiorra put a hole through him and he kept asking her why would she heal him.

        Even when he and Ichigo were fighting and Ichigo tried to get to her, Ulquiorra kept blocking his path and telling him to focus on their fight because “the woman” wasn’t going anywhere.
        That, and at the end when Ulquiorra finally died, he understood Orihime’s explanation of the heart and reached out for her and when she grabbed for him, he faded. (I admit, I teared up here because I loved Ulquiorra).

        Oh yeaah! Lol, I think the filler episode is 309 or 310 when Rangiku was being a flirt and Hisagi got a nosebleed xD Everytime Rangiku is around him, he blushes so furiously, it’s so cute xD
        Another thing I always noticed, whenever Ichigo got really depressed (especially during the times Aizen defeated him) Rukia was always the ONLY one capable of really cheering him up.

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