Can I reach him?

“… Or, is he still out of reach?”


When I heard (actually read) those lines, I was so happy I blushed. The first time ever again for an anime couple I am rooting for. I wished Chihaya held out her hand further and touched Arata’s hand. Hahaha! I’m such a fangirl!

With that I was inspired to draw Chihaya. This is the very first time I tried drawing her so I opted to draw with a pencil rather than with a pentablet. She’s so pretty my heart fluttered for her and Arata ♥ I was also inspired by a dialogue she actually said in the manga – “I have always liked Karuta and Arata!”

chihayasketchSo, how about you? What do you think about the romance that is so apparent between Chihaya and Arata?


5 thoughts on “Can I reach him?

  1. OMG your Chihaya fanart is so beautiful! Chihaya is really pretty ^^!
    Do you have a Deviantart account? Because I’m sure that your fanarts would be popular ;).
    Anyway, I hope you will keep on drawing Chihayafuru fanart :D!

    I’m also rooting for Chihaya x Arata, the feelings they have for each other are so pure and genuine >.<! Let's hope that a third season will be announce soon!

    • thank you… i don’t have a deviantart account. drawing is just a hobby and i try to draw the anime/manga characters i love whenever i have spare time. i have another chihayafuru fanart somewhere in this blog. i hope you saw and liked it as well.

      i’ve been reading the manga. patiently waiting for subs. how about you?

  2. Yeah I saw your other drawings and I like them as well ^_^!
    I watched the anime first then decided to read the manga. I’m now waiting for chapter 131 to come up!
    Chihayafuru is one of my favourite manga: the characters, the story, the friendship, /relationship, Karuta, the romance, the art and symbolism,… It’s rare to find a manga I like almost everything about it!
    I read your “Karuta, Arata and Chihayafuru” and I must admit that it was the art that caught my attention too! And I’m glad I gave a shot, it really worth it!
    (Sorry, English isn’t my first language :P)

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