2014 First Post

It’s been two years since I came to WordPress and seven years since I started blogging (old blog at LiveJournal, it’s still up but not quite updated). I have been through ups and downs. I should say that there were more ups than downs and every hurdle I passed made me a better and stronger person. Along the journey I had to say goodbye to some friends and say hi to new ones.

Career-wise, I experienced several changes. Had to say goodbye to mentors and colleagues. But the best thing about the changes that happened this year was I was given much confidence and trust to lead a team and head a department. I am being valued much more now especially that the bosses see what I bring to the company. Thank you. This boosts my confidence and I can see clearly now the path I want to walk on to. I am going to persevere more and hone my skills, get updated by studying further. Hmm… Should I take CMA this year? Oh, Lord, please help me decide.

But more to that, I look forward to what the new year will bring and how much better my company and my career will be. I am claiming that 2014 will open doors to greater heights for the company I am serving and for my flourishing career.

To end this post, here’s the art project I posted several months ago. It’s finally done. I am going to frame this and have it displayed at my workstation at home. I really love Chihayafuru. I hope there will be season three since it’s time for Arata to shine. Crossing my fingers to that. With regards to my drawing skills, well, I should say that I am getting better with it as well. However, I think I still have to learn more about proportions and coloring… Oh right. I am ending this post already.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

2014 Chihayafuru


5 thoughts on “2014 First Post

  1. I am saying “Hello” since I stumbled upon this post and your Chihayafuru fanart got my interest. Your drawing is really nice and I am also hoping that the anime will get a third season (it must get one!) even if we’ll have to wait for some time because it needs more material from the manga. Best of luck with your career and have a good year!

    • hi, wil! thanks for dropping by and liking me fanart.

      i do hope that there will be season 3. i’ve been reading the manga and there so much that has happened already after the nationals. the relationships is moving fast now and the suou has finally entered the picture in the love-karuta-triangle, making it a square. oops! that’s a spoiler!

      • There might be a season 3….(?) There is an OVA so there’s still hope.

        It’s okay since I’ve also been keeping up with the manga. The moment Suou asked Chihaya out was quite funny. Poor him thinking on his own that she also likes him. And I am eager to see Chihaya’s reply to Arata’s confession.

      • yeah… i am still waiting for that reply to arata’s confession. and i wonder how will taichi react if he knew that arata already confessed.

        i am wondering if suou is actually infatuated with chihaya. i think this is the first time that someone was so willing to play against him that he developed a crush on her.

      • I agree about Suou. I doubt that he actually likes Chihaya the same way Arata and Taichi does. Although there is also the queen who can play and beat him XD

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