2015 | Post #07: What happened on May?

May is my birthday month and this year a lot of things happened. First of many was my thwarted resignation.

Why thwarted, you may ask. Well, I did resign – talked to my VP the reason why I was leaving and all about two weeks ago. But before the day ended on that fateful day, a counter offer was made – according to him [the VP], the CEO and the COO didn’t even think long and hard about doing the counter offer. Once they heard that I was leaving, CEO said: “give her what they are offering her”. But VP told them that I wasn’t leaving only because I got a better salary package offering but also because the company that was looking to hire me was nearer my home. The proximity of it to my abode is really the biggest factor. So COO said: “then don’t make her come work here everyday. Annie can work at E*st**** twice a week.” I was surprised when these were presented to me when I asked VP to receive and sign my resignation letter.

It was truly unexpected. I never thought they’d do a counter offer. After all I am not the first manager to leave. I was actually the fifth. The four previous managers were let go 30 days after they handed their resignation letters. We have been told before that we are dispensable and can be replaced. So what they did to me was the first and quite a refreshing shock to many… I must say that I was flattered coz this goes to show how much the company and the chiefs are confident of me and my abilities. I am grateful for the trust.

So what do you think I did? Tan tada jan!!! Well, I have decided to stay. After a day, I decided I will stay. Not only because of the offers the management have presented to me but also because I couldn’t bear leaving friends behind. I may be their manager but my staff and I started as peers/colleagues. I believe I do my job pretty great because of them. I completely trust my team and they do trust me too, I hope… Well, they do, I can say that much. They actually have asked me to stay if a counter offer was made. One even prayed that I stay. Hahaha!

Well, that’s about it when it comes to my work. I resigned. I received a counter offer. I decided to stay… So what else happened on May?

I have a new hobby. Calligraphy!

When I was younger, I was really good at it. I found a really old speedball lettering guide and started copying the styles with just a sign pen. For most of my grade school essay or paper projects, subject titles were always written with a speedball styled lettering. I specifically loved writing with a decorative cursive lettering. I must say that I have a really good (or you could say pretty) penmanship so it was second nature for me to write elegantly. Hahahaha! What a boastful prick I have become?!?!

But when I started working and all other hobbies that came emerging, I stopped writing. I found it easy to write with the aid of computers. My penmanship deteriorated that at some point my hurried writing became gross and unreadable at times. So I just stopped and didn’t exert anymore effort except when I am drawing.

Anyways, technology had made my fingers lazy to hold a pen [to write]. I find it so horrible to see my penmanship so different from what it used to be. And, I find it so unpleasant to see errors in grammar, spelling and any handwriting twitches that a simple press of the backspace key would’ve corrected. Handwritings and inks were things I have fallen out of love with and now I’m developing my love for them once more. Thanks to the wonders of Calligraphy.

I have discovered in instagram about this. Found people from my community that are enamored with this art. I also found some craft shops that sell not only inks, nibs and holders but they also sell brushes, pens, brushpens in so many colors, journals and washi tapes. I never thought masking tapes can be so colorful, creative and de-stressingly amazing.

So now I am practicing my fingers. Slowly regaining my old penmanship back. Not quite as pretty but it’s getting there. Though I find my fingers getting numb (need to exercise more), it’s fine as long as I see that my fingers can write beautiful letters again… So without further ado, let me share with you my first calligraphy art projects.






How about you? What happened to your May?


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