Annie in a box


Anne Celestine is quite literally boxed in the office. She’s a CPA by profession and it requires her to be in the office, glued to her workstation calculating and analysing numbers, more than forty hours a week. She rarely has time to go out and have carefree, fun time. Hmm, don’t fret. Anne Celestine has quite an active imagination. When she’s not dealing with numbers, her brain works on other things, mostly sorting out accumulated ideas she had during work hours.

During weekends, she reads, draws, and most of the time, watches dramas, animes, or anything that would interest her. She’s the homebody type, would rather stay at home and do her hobbies than go out. Again, don’t fret, she does have friends. Hanging out with them is one thing she likes. They are few but quality moments. All of her friends are career people too so meetings are grand occasions.

With limited time for fun and not quite the traveller, Anne Celestine sees the world from books and the internet. And with quite an imagination, anything she reads is like a journey and an experience worth writing about.

This online journal is a tribute to that imaginative girl living inside the four corners of her office. You’ll find her babbling at times, telling you stories about her daily routine, nightmarish numeric battles and intriguing career life. But most of the time, you’ll read and see here entries about her passions. She loves to write reviews of her most recent conquests (translation: book reads in one sitting) and critiques of dramas, series or movies she had seen recently, or re-watched for the nth time.

This journal will also showcase her drawing ability. It’s skill not talent. Let’s not discuss it here. You’ll find out soon enough.

With that said, here’s to hoping that your interest is piqued and that Anne Celestine would be interesting enough to keep you coming back. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Annie in a box

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  2. Oh! You’re a CPA! I’m currently taking Accountancy and I’m hoping that I’ll become a CPA too! 3 more painful years. We definitely have a LOT in common, not just in taste regarding animes. I would love to have a nice chat with you 🙂

    • really? you’re taking up accountancy? wow! another similarity 🙂

      well, good luck and study well. if you really like to be a CPA, then it would be 3 more FUN years rather than painful. hehehe! accounting is a fun profession for those who really like numbers and analysis.

      you’re still in your second term if you still have 3 years to go. when you get to your third year, there will auditing and management accounting services. it’s a bit unnerving but then you’ll love it eventually. it will be very useful when you enter the corporate world. i promise!

      • For me, it’s really ‘painful years’ full of worries and stuffs like that. I still don’t know if this is really the profession that I’d like to take but I’ll do my best!! Eventually, I’ll learn to love it.

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