2015 | Post #04: #bestteambuilding ever!

Last March 20 and 21 was my department’s FY2016 strategic planning and team building activity. It was the very first time that we invited a professional facilitator to guide us with the strat-plan. I must say that it was a success and a wonderful experience. We learned more about our professional selves and who we can always depend on.

There were about eight games and after every game there were realizations about our strengths and weaknesses, what we did right and wrong… what we would do differently and how will we apply it to work. I will not discuss everything that happened but I will definitely share what I realized: why I stayed in the company even when I felt I deserved better. I stayed because of the people I work with. The TBA only justified why I chose to still work with the company… because the people in my department are not just co-workers, they are my friends and family. Never did I felt different nor alone all throughout the two days we were together. I was always included in the activities and where they were, they insisted that I’d be there as well. All the boys went down the terrace to carry me and my wheelchair. I didn’t feel that they did it because I was one of the managers, but because we were colleagues and peers that respect each other.

Okay… enough of that. On the second day, we had our free time. So while everyone were enjoying the sea, I was enjoying the view not far from the beach. I had a couple of hours to myself. I enjoyed a simple snack from the bar and drew a simple artwork to commemorate our stay in the resort… Closing this post with that artwork and the hope that FY2016 will be a productive and blessed year for me, my team and our company.

2015-03-23 20.31.16


2015 | Post #02: Last song syndrome

Before 2014 ended, my colleagues played Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud several times in a day. When we met after the Christmas holidays, it was the first song they played in the office. Thus, in the first weekend of 2015 I drew a fanart featuring one verse of the song.

Pardon the slight error in writing part of the lyrics.

Pardon the slight error in writing part of the lyrics.

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2015 | Post #01: Conquering the year of the sheep

Busy. Busy. Busy. That was me during 2014 and would probably continue this 2015. I could not believe that I only blogged twice last year and I am twelve days late in saying “Happy New Year!!!” Oh well, it’s better late than never, right? Looking forward to the best year yet of my personal and career life. I know I will be better this year in all aspects of my life. I am sure I will conquer the year of the sheep 🙂

2015 Chibi selfie

A prelude to things to come…

It’s been more than a month since I last posted in this blog. I transferred to a new host (from LJ to WP) not to slack off but to write down things that happen to my life every day. I even thought that if I could not blog daily, at least I’ll have the weekend to summarize what happened to me in that span of time. However, I failed to accomplish that goal… It’s not that there’s nothing happening in my life. Actually there’s so much going on that I don’t have enough time to blog them even if I really want to. NO! They’re not bad at all that I don’t have the heart to blog it to the world. The truth to the matter is: it’s quite great. I just didn’t have the time before. Plus, I still don’t know how and where to start. I am still lost for words. It’s been two years and I still can’t find the writer that I used to be. I am a blogger that has lost her writing ability.

Anyhow, I am not about to divulge everything just yet. Maybe on September… when everything is settled and official. But for the meantime, let me share with you my latest artwork. It’s been three days since Typhoon Maring hit our country. The metropolis is flooded again and I haven’t reported back to work. I did not risk going to the office and be stranded there, or in a flooded street, somewhere in C5. So, it’s a long weekend for me considering tomorrow is a national holiday too. Hopefully, tomorrow the typhoon has gone out of the country and the floods have subsided.

So, when the weather is such as today, the best pastime is to read a book. For me, it’s reading and drawing. I hope everyone is safe at home and is enjoying this unannounced vacation. I pray that they are enjoying their rest instead of worrying. I also pray for the safety of those who were affected by the typhoon. I hope that they’d spring back to normal and happy lives after this calamity.

This is my updated chibi version. I had my hair cut short - the shortest I have so far.

This is my updated chibi version. I had my hair cut short – the shortest I have so far.

Rants & An Updated Chibi Version Of Me

There are so many things I want to write but again I don’t really know how and where to start. I want to share the things that happened to me the past month – the good, the bad and the worst. There’s no the best… Sucks! I really don’t want to dwell on the bad and the worst however I cannot really help myself especially when I am reminded every day that it’s bad and it would soon get worst. The positive thinker in me is being drowned by the overwhelming work load I have and the various deadlines I need to beat are such pains in the ass. Not to mention that doing my best ain’t good enough. I am not even rewarded enough. I feel so unmotivated right now. I am actually looking for greener pastures and better management. Sometimes I feel that loyalty isn’t really enough virtue to uphold especially when the people you are loyal to ignore that strength in you…


Ok… enough of the rant. Here come’s the good part. I am back to drawing often. (But I write less reviews, didn’t you notice?) Anyway, at least I am doing some fun things in my life right now. At least I still feel satisfied in my personal life even when career life isn’t as fabulous like I thought it would be. I am also planning a new project. I am going to draw a new piece to be framed and displayed in my workstation at home. I’ll take a picture of it and share it here before I have it framed. I know I am a bit slow in starting this project coz I am still thinking of the theme (even if I already have the characters to draw in mind). I don’t want to rush things. I want it to be perfect and I want to be really inspired when I start drawing it. c”,)

So for starters, let me share my newest creation. I love drawing chibi versions of myself and my friends. Since I draw a lot these days, I noticed I am getting my groove back and I am improving again. With the improvement, I decided to draw myself. Such a narcissist, am I not?! Hahaha!!! So without further ado…


This is what I do the past two weekends – working from home. My manager requested that a laptop is issued to me so I can still work at home and access SAP files. Aaargh!

A chibi version of my friend…

It’s been a long while since I drew a chibi version of someone I know dearly. I think the last time was on 2008… 5 long years. Yes, excluding those I drew out of boredom. The last time I drew someone who really is dear to me was before I left SGV.

Now, here I am again drawing that dearest friend. She has curly hair now and is living in Malaysia at the moment. I hope to see her soon coz I was not able to attend one of the most important celebrations in her life last April. To make up to that, here’s the cutest chibi version of her that I’ve drawn.

Luli Girl

Hello Rainy Season…

Last night was my first trip home from the office with heavy rains and a lightning-filled night skies. My wheelchair got soaked with rain water coz the cab’s compartment has LPG and… Let me stop right there. Well, thankfully my wheelchair is made of stainless steel and fiber glass so it’s rust-proof. No reason to fret…

So my dear friends, take your umbrellas wherever you go. Summer is over and here comes the rain!!! That said, here’s a little something to make the rainy season a little fun than it truly is.


A turn in events that is making me unhappy…

I am certainly in limbo at the moment especially in my work life. There’s so much gray area and it made me so unhappy. Well, I am not the only person in my department who is unhappy with what is happening. We’re sad and we’re all weighing our options. It’s so hard to be in this situation where you love the people you work with and you love your work but work isn’t loving you back. Deep sighs.

With that said, a bit of the burden is lifted off my chest. Thank you for letting me rant a bit. For a treat, here’s the finished/colored version of the chibi Ichi-Ruki I drew a couple of days ago. ‘Finished with colored pencils.