After Harry…

IMG_0929It’s been what – two or three years ago – when the Harry Potter series ended? Back then, I could hardly put and keep the seven books inside my shelf for fear that I might forget all the magic and adventures that Harry and J.K. Rowling showed me. I even thought I’d lose my taste for reading after I closed the shelf door. But nay! Harry’s ending only put a hole in my life that I needed to fill. The adventures he and I took the last five years of my life (yes, I started reading after the fifth movie installment was released) were so vivid in my mind that I wanted to relive and experience it again.

I like reading. I have read a number of books before Harry. However, my passion for reading developed only after I read JK Rowling’s epic series. It made me excited to turn to the next page and my breath on hold every time a book was to end. Also, waiting for the next book to be published had me in an orgasmic anticipation. Those were the things I wanted to experience again. Continue reading