2015 | Post #02: Last song syndrome

Before 2014 ended, my colleagues played Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud several times in a day. When we met after the Christmas holidays, it was the first song they played in the office. Thus, in the first weekend of 2015 I drew a fanart featuring one verse of the song.

Pardon the slight error in writing part of the lyrics.

Pardon the slight error in writing part of the lyrics.

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A quick update about this busy bee.


Oh noes! It’s already the last day of October halfway November. More than a month passed by and I was not able to visit my blog. Well, I’ve got a really good reason. I became so busy with work. Actually, I am still busy with work. I just got this little time to spare coz I am waiting for visitors and dinner to arrive and so I decided it’s high time to update the online world, not that the online world cares about what I do offline.

Anyways, just to tell you about the good news I talked about from my last entry way back in August (I think), it’s about my sudden promotion to a managerial job. Yep! I was promoted last September. ‘Received my papers and increase in salary last month. I’m pretty happy about it. What I just don’t like is that the work load doubled. Geez!!! Though there aren’t quite a lot of processes that I do now, there are a lot of ad hoc reports that I need to prepare lately. Analysis after analysis, day-in and day-out. It’s making me dizzy. (I honestly thought I would just review and manage my staff and their processes. ‘Thought so wrong!)

Plus, I am always being pulled to meetings to which I need to constantly speak in English. Top management consists of foreigners. Gah!!!

Honestly, I am really not that comfortable in speaking in English. I can carry conversational English. However, it wears me down after an hour especially when I need to explain the principles of accounting to a group who are not-so-familiar with accounting and auditing standards. I prefer writing technical reports and narratives in English. But to actually have an on-the-spot lecture in a language that I love using only in reading and writing exercises is totally different.

Oh well! As Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. I guess, this was how Peter Parker felt in the beginning… OVERWHELMED! Maybe I’ll get used to having this kind of situation soon. Maybe I’ll even get used to talking in English with ease. I may be just feeling smashed right now because the audit of the Ph and HK corporations were being rushed to meet the IRD and due diligence deadlines. Sighs. We’re almost there, thank goodness!

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20 years and I still like this character…

Youko Kurama2012 marked the 20th year anniversary of Yuyu Hakusho (English translation: Ghost Fighter). When it first aired in local TV, dubbed in our local language, I immediately knew I was going to be hooked by it, after all I was (and still am) an anime fan.

But instead of the main protagonist, Yusuke, I liked the redheaded character who turned out to be a bad ass in his previous life as the infamous demon fox, Youko Kurama. From then on, Kurama became one of my favorite anime characters. There was a time during my high school days that he had become the only model of my creativity. Well, not exactly Kurama. It’s actually Shuichi, his human form.

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