Post #2 for 2014

So it’s taking me months to blog. I feel sorry for my lonely WP. I get so little time to spare to enjoy blogging. I miss how I used to just write my daily encounters. I miss how I can just browse through old entries and learn how petty or deep I were.

Now it has come to this. I am writing a blog entry through my mobile phone while lying down to prepare for sleep. Why write this way? Well, this is the only time I can spare for my blog and the only time I can think of writing and remembering what I wanted to share online.

Well, do wish me luck. I still believe I will somehow find a way to enjoy blogging. I found time for reading so I’ll find time for this old hobby too.

So, how do you think I am writing this entry? Nope. I am not typing. I am writing it down with a stylus. Thankfully the mobile app is able to read my handwriting. Cool, right? I am so thankful to this technology cos now even if it looks pathetic I can somehow enjoy blogging. I can even doodle without exerting extra effort to get a paper and a pen. Plus, drawing with this device is better than drawing digitally with a pentablet. Yes! Believe me, it is. To prove it, below is my first mobile app artwork.